GLOW API version 1.0 reference

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module glowWidget

General information

The glowWidget module contains the basic classes needed to use and implement GLOW widgets.


class GlowWidget

GLOW widget base class.

class GlowWidgetSubwindow

Widget root subwindow.

class GlowWidgetWindow

Widget root toplevel window.

class GlowFixedSizeWidgetWindow

Widget root toplevel window that cannot be resized.

class GlowSubwindowInWidget

Base class for a subwindow embedded in a widget.

class GlowWidgetTabFilter

Event filter that maps tab keypresses to advance the keyboard focus.

base GlowWidgetRoot

Base class for widget root implementations such as GlowWidgetWindow.

struct GlowWidgetParams

Base structure for widget parameter blocks.

struct GlowWidgetSubwindowParams

Parameter block for creating widget subwindows.

struct GlowWidgetWindowParams

Parameter block for creating widget toplevel windows.

struct GlowWidgetKeyboardData

Data sent to a widget keyboard event filter.

abstract GlowWidgetKeyboardFilter

Base class for widget keyboard event filters.

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