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The GLOW Toolkit

NEWSFLASH (14 October 2000)
Version 1.0.4 of GLOW has been released! Pick it up from the download page. The new version includes fixes to the code.

The GLOW Toolkit is a cross-platform object-oriented framework for building interactive applications using OpenGL or similar APIs such as Mesa. It is, at its heart, an C++ wrapper for GLUT, providing a fully object-oriented API for creating windows, menus and other GUI elements, and for event handling. GLOW also features an extensible cross-platform widget library for building powerful user interfaces; a number of useful utilities such as an implementation of the arcball 3D manipulator; and, of course, full integration with OpenGL as the imaging API. GLOW is designed for write-once-compile-anywhere development, and should be source code compatible with any platform that supports OpenGL and GLUT.

Sample screenshot (Click for more samples)

Unsure about what GLOW is and whether it will be useful to you? Check out the Introduction to GLOW from the tutorial, and the Feature list.

To download GLOW, visit the download page. For support resources, you can browse the tutorial or reference online, or visit the public forums. You can reach the principal author, Daniel Azuma, at

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Last updated 28 October 2000