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Dev Branch

CVS Repository

The CVS repository, hosted by SourceForge, contains the latest working source code for The GLOW Toolkit. The repository is used by the developers of GLOW to manage the source code base. CVS sources may not be stable, and are not recommended for everyday use; usually you should download the latest release from the download page. However, you may use CVS to download the latest development snapshot if you wish to check on the status of a feature or a bug fix.

The GLOW Toolkit has two lines of development: the stable branch and the development branch. It uses a Linux-style versioning scheme. The stable branch, denoted by versions of the form 1.0.x, conforms to the version 1.0 API and is intended for use in production code. New releases in the stable branch include bug fixes but no new features. The development branch, denoted by versions of the form 1.1.x, may include API changes and new features in development, and is likely to be less stable. You should typicaly use releases in the development branch only if you are testing new features of GLOW. Once a development cycle has finished, the new features will be moved into a new stable branch, versions 1.2.x, and a new development branch, versions 1.3.x, will be started.

To check out CVS sources for the stable branch, you need to specify CVS branch branch_1-0-x. For example, you can execute these two commands:

cvs login

cvs -z3 checkout -r branch_1-0-x glow

To check out CVS sources for the development branch, use the main CVS trunk. For example, you can execute these two commands:

cvs login

cvs -z3 checkout glow

After you've done the initial checkout as described above, you may update your sources by issuing the command:

cvs update

You do not need to give the -d option again.

You will not be allowed to commit changes unless you are a developer. If you wish to become a developer of GLOW, register as a user at SourceForge, and then contact Daniel Azuma.

You may browse the CVS tree using a web-based interface at SourceForge:
Link toBrowse GLOW CVS Repository

SourceForge's CVS page for The GLOW Toolkit may have additional CVS information.
Link toCVS at SourceForge

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Last updated 17 July 2000