GLOW API version 1.0 reference

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module glow

General information

The glow module contains the basic classes in the GLOW library, including those that handle components, windows, events and menus.


class Glow

General GLOW utilities, constants and data.

class GlowComponent

GLOW component class.

class GlowSubwindow

GLOW subwindow class.

class GlowWindow

GLOW window class.

class GlowMenu

GLOW menu class.

struct GlowSubwindowParams

GLOW subwindow parameter block.

struct GlowWindowParams

GLOW window parameter block.

struct GlowIdleMessage

Message sent to an idle event receiver.

struct GlowTimerMessage

Message sent to a timer event receiver.

struct GlowKeyboardData

Data sent to a keyboard event filter.

struct GlowMouseData

Data sent to a mouse event filter.

abstract GlowIdleReceiver

Base class for receivers of GLOW idle events.

abstract GlowTimerReceiver

Base class for receivers of GLOW timer events.

abstract GlowMenuReceiver

Base class for receivers of GLOW menu events.

abstract GlowKeyboardFilter

Base class for keyboard event filters.

abstract GlowMouseFilter

Base class for mouse event filters.

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