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class GlowReceiverTrackerComponent

General information

type: class
inherits: GlowComponent, ReceiverTracker
module: glowUtilities

GlowReceiverTrackerComponent is a simple component that contains a ReceiverTracker. One use for this component is to manage standalone receivers that are associated with a window, widget or other GLOW component object. By creating this component underneath the component object, you can set up those receivers to be automatically deleted when the component is destructed.

GLOW programs may use GlowReceiverTrackerComponent to manage automatic tracking or deletion of dependent receivers.


Deleting options
These constants are inherited from ReceiverTracker.

enum ReceiverTracker::DeletingOptions neverDelete
enum ReceiverTracker::DeletingOptions alwaysDelete
enum ReceiverTracker::DeletingOptions referenceCountDelete


Constructors and destructor

GlowReceiverTrackerComponent(GlowComponent* parent)

Creates a new GlowReceiverTrackerComponent underneath parent in the component hierarchy.


Creates a new GlowRenderSwitch but does not initialize it. A render switch created in this way may not be used until its Init() method is called.

void Init(GlowComponent* parent)

Initializes a new GlowReceiverTrackerComponent and places it underneath parent in the component hierarchy.

Inherited methods
These methods are inherited from ReceiverTracker.

void Bind(TReceiver<>* receiver)

bool IsBoundTo(TReceiver<>* receiver) const

unsigned int NumReceivers(void)

void Unbind(TReceiver<>* receiver)

void UnbindAll(void)

void DeleteAllReceivers(void)

void SetAutoDeletingOptions(ReceiverTracker::DeletingOptions options)

ReceiverTracker::DeletingOptions GetAutoDeletingOptions(void) const

Inherited methods
These methods are inherited from GlowComponent.

void Close(void)

GlowComponent* Parent(void) const

GlowSubwindow* WhichWindow(void)

GlowSubwindow* ParentWindow(void) const

GlowWindow* ToplevelWindow(void)

bool IsToplevel(void) const

GlowComponent* Next(void) const

GlowComponent* Prev(void) const

int NumChildren(void) const

GlowComponent* FirstChild(void) const

GlowComponent* LastChild(void) const

void ReorderChild(GlowComponent* child, GlowComponent* pos)

void KillChildren(void)

void Activate(void)

void Deactivate(void)

bool IsActive(void)

bool IsInactive(void)

bool IsActiveStandby(void)

void Paint(void)

Overrideable methods

Inherited methods
These methods are inherited from GlowComponent. You should not normally need to override them.

virtual void OnActivate(void)

virtual void OnDeactivate(void)

virtual void OnBeginPaint(void)

virtual void OnEndPaint(void)

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